The other day me and my live-in boyfriend Tommer (no that is not a spelling mistake, it’s Hebrew) decided to celebrate the start of Easter by going out for the classic “Dinner and a Movie”. After a long and heated debate where I wanted to watch the new film coming out of my hometown Stavanger called “Eventyrland” (Fairytale Country), and he wanted to go watch “Jack – the Giant Slayer”, we decided on a compromise and went with the new British romantic comedy “I Give it a Year”. You might wonder how I managed to get a boyfriend to choose a romcom over a crime/drama or a fantasy/adventure… Alas I cannot give you any pointers as it was the trailer, which he found hilarious, that did the work:

specifically the dance… it is… hilarious…


appologies for the arrow. I will find better picture than a screenshot from imdb ūüėČ

The film is one of those romcoms where nothing is truly bad.

There are several points, jokes and characters that are rather good, and there are some scenes that I truly wish I had written myself as they put¬†conventions¬†of the romcom on it’s head and twist it around and shove it in your face for good measure.

The only thing I worry about is… it might be forgettable….

I haven’t yet had an urge to watch the movie again. Granted, it has only been a couple of days, but normally when I watch a romcom and I love it, I immediatly want to buy it,¬†chastise and curse¬†the distribution market for being so slow (then the prices for being high the first couple of weeks that it’s out) and then I will bring it back to my (rather large) DVD collection where I will give it a nice cosy place between “Four Weddings and a Funeral” and “Love Actually”. But I don’t have that feeling. I remember loving the film, but no other urges. I feel like I will forget I ever watched it and possibly buy it again on a bargain hunt years from now only to remember once I’ve put it on that “Oh yeah, saw this in the cinema, it was nice.”

All the four heroes of this movie in one big happy (read f***** up) double date.

All the four heroes of this movie in one big happy (read f***** up) double date.

However this evening was not a waste of our time and both of us really truly enjoyed ourselves. We laughed all through the movie. And that is a huge thing. ¬†This story never lets go of the comedy and dupes into 100% drama for the last 20 minutes, like so many other romcoms do (guys hate that). We cringed at the wonderfully¬†embarrassing¬†and hilarious situations our four (I will name them four) heroes get into. And obviously as a couple, there were more than one skit about the¬†dysfunctional¬†parts of a relationship that hit really close to home (the guy never takes out the trash, the girl always bitches about insignificant things, the guy asks for permission or advice on EVERYTHING like what to wear, the girl sings loudly to music but with the wrong lyrics etc. etc. etc.). If you go with your better half to watch this one, maybe some of your squabbles will be put in perspective. For better or for worse ūüėČ

There is also the best joke of the entire movie, which I will not give away, but it starts like the title; “I’m just going to the little men’s room…”.

I think what left at least myself wanting, was the total lack of a surprise turn in the story. You know where it’s going to end and it does end the way you think it will, and in a way that makes it good, but the way it happens is not spectacular, jaw-dropping or awe-breaking. It’s not memorable. It is just nice. Not disappointing. Just nice. Forgettable.

Having said that, Stephen Merchant (for non-UK¬†residents¬† he is Ricky Gervais’ sidekick in most things, notably a writer on the BRITISH version of “The Office”) playing the annoying best friend/best man, is worth the movie alone. I found myself waiting for the scenes where his blissfully stupid-looking face would show up, saying or doing something which is (in most settings) totally inappropriate. Just watching his gangly body and the self-confident¬†grin on his face is enough to make me laugh. There is a thin line he is playing with here where with only the slightest altercation of his wrist, he might be on the annoying side instead… But for me and my bf he balanced it perfectly.¬†Every time. No exceptions.

Ah, Stephen Merchant, you make us laugh!!

Ah, Stephen Merchant, you make us laugh!!

You will learn¬†several¬†things from this movie. You will learn that adding white turtledoves into a romantic gesture, might not be the brightest idea you’ll have in a century. You will learn to always check your USB stick before you put it into a digital photo frame at your in-laws christmas party. And you will learn that not all movies need to stay with you forever. Some just need to entertain us right now and then go away. And there is nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all.

PS: For especially interested or nosy people, we went to Inside Rock Cafe and Bar in Bergen for dinner before we went to the cinema. This place is known for having great burgers, and they have about 20 different kinds you can choose from. One is a currey burger… With pineapple… (I should have tried that one). I was, however ,challenged on my capability to eat hot, spicey food by a chilidressing and jalapeno topped (no… not topped… COVERED) burger called Fireball. I did have to drink loads of water, but it was no match to Nando’s Hot chicken burgers which I have yet to defeat.

Tommer would also like to tell you all that the best potato wedges in town are here. He proved it by eating every last piece on his plate and the extras we got to boot. I approve of them too. Perfectly seasoned and a little crispy on the outside ūüėČ So get all your asses to Bergen and have a burger (cause the traditional Norwegian food really is nothing much to write to you about;) (notice how I didn’t mention anything about price… sneaky…;)