So, all of these movies are probably off the big screen by now and you will have to wait for the downloads to become decent, or you know…buy them. Alternatively forget about it and remember a year from now when they pop up on Netflix and then remember that I had something to say about that movie. That is fine. I can wait for your opinions πŸ˜‰

The summer has been plagued by science fiction and doomsday flicks, most of which I would gladly have waited to watch until no one cares about them anymore. But alas I have a boyfriend who loves me and wants to take me to the cinema so I had to watch quite a lot of them πŸ˜‰

I will review the ones I remember, which is about four movies, in one paragraphs. You can always ask me if I have seen any of the other summer blockbusters. Just suffice to say that if the answer is “Oh yeah, I watched that one as well”, then it wasn’t really good, I have already gone in denial over the fact that I watched it and you should seriously scrutinise all of the reasons for why you would like to waste your life on it πŸ˜‰

Movie Number 1:

World War X


This was the first movie we watched after coming back from summer holiday in Sicily (HAD to squeeze in THAT somewhere now didn’t I;). Normally I am not a fan of zombie pics, because in general they try to scare me, and I am not easily scared and I don’t enjoy being scared when they actually achieve it. So there, not a horror film kind of person. But after having my eyes yanked open by the genius that is “The Walking Dead” series, I am more inclined to see the value in a doomsday zombie flick. Because it is interesting to see how people react in such situations and how they survive. Not in this movie though. I am sure if I read the book, it wouldΒ all make sense, and on some simple stupid level it does make sense, but it is just that. TOO simple. And Brad Pitt is such a genius that he replaces the clumsy Β virus expert about five minutes into the movie. Sure…that’s believable… To be honest, I do remember liking aspects of the movie. There are some amazing visuals of these crazy, rabid (no not the slow and stupid kind) zombies running around. Especially in the beginning where I had no idea exactly what was happening because we saw it all from Brad Pitt “The Father”‘s viewpoint, before he emerges as “The Super Spy” and gets to know everything. The not knowing, which would be the situation we would all be in as regular people, is very interesting and scary on in different dimension, and I wish the film would have explored that side of the situation more rather than becoming a regular dooms day, one guy saves the day flick.

CONCLUSION: Although there are some clever ideas, it is just not well enough though through and makes some jumps that are just too simple to be believable. But my boyfriend liked it so you might like it as well (although Israel featured prominently in the movie so that might be the reason why he loves it)

Movie Number 2:

The Lone Ranger


Since the boyfriend got to decide the Brad Pitt movie, I decided that we had to go see the Johnny Depp movie πŸ˜‰ And that is exactly the problem with this movie… The people of the film business just HAVE TO realise that they can’t have a movie with Johnny Depp as the sidekick. It doesn’t work. Because he ISN’T a sidekick, nor will he ever be one. And since the story is really centered around the pure and noble lawyer become outlaw which is the main character, and not the scarred indian child turn weird shamanesque outcast, this balance becomes wrong because they do give alot of space to Johnny Depp, but they have to give equal space to the Lone Ranger and the movie just becomes long and taxing. And I don’t care about the lawyer. I care about the indian. I care about Johnny Depp. It should have been about his character 100%, then it might have worked. And they can blame critics all they want for their failure, if it WAS a good film, it wouldn’t have stopped people watching it that some critic thought it was below par. But I did laugh a lot and there are some amazing stunts and to be honest if you like Jack Sparrow, you will like this indian too.

CONCLUSION: If you are a Johnny Depp fan, go for it. If not, then maybe consider how much of a western fan you are before you are locked in front of a screen for nigh on three hours. If you would rather watch a shorter Johnny Depp venture, watch the underrated “Dark Shadows” which suffers from a bad title, but is a great watch for any Depp/Burton fans out there πŸ˜€


Movie Number 3:



There is a lot of these “lonely person walking in desolation” kind of posters out there. Though I guess it’s logical πŸ˜‰

Oblivion we downloaded, and again, a film that is visually stunning with a desolated planet, the empire state building tower sticking up from the sand and just in general stunning landscapes which never become monotone and boring. And again, the idea is very good and I like some of the concepts and rules that govern this film-world of “The Oblivion”, of which I will not relay too many here, but again it all just isn’t clear enough. Loads of it is confusing. But I have to confess I might be to blame because the film didn’t grab me so I was at times distracted by other electronic devices. But a film should stand the test of not making me want to reach for a different entertainment medium while I am watching. Probably an excellent movie for the cinema. And boy has Tom Cruise gotten old. And apparently he is an old war veteran, a fact that eluded me till the end of the movie, and I just don’t buy it. He doesn’t strike me as a war veteran. But what do I know.

CONCLUSION: I know you should only watch this if you are prepared for wanting the movie to be really good, but it not really ever getting there. But still stunning effects, camera work and production design which shouldn’t leave you feeling too empty hearted.

And Movie Number 4 (the last movie):

Iron Man 3


Last but not least really is an appropriate expression here. This movie was devoured this weekend the day before a wedding in a hotel bed on my boyfriends laptop with poor sound. And STILL I think this movie was ten times better than any of the other two Iron Man instalments. Now usually with Iron Man I find Robert Downey Jr.’s cocky Tony Stark too much to handle. Which is why I loved him in “The Avengers” where his personality was balanced off the others and actually became funny rather than annoying. And someone in the production of Iron Man 3 has also realised that it needs to be dialled down. And they have done it brilliantly so. I don’t think Robert Downey has fought so many frames without the Iron Man suit or only part suit, and it is admirable. It all becomes more personal. He is also suffering from some nervous breakdowns after all he has been through, which is an interesting addition. I am not saying that this is an Oscar winning feature and deserves all praise. It is still only a superhero movie, but it is a good one and an entertaining one that delivers all you want from a superhero flick. And it is not often I say this about the third instalment in a series.

CONCLUSION: Definitely watch it if you like Iron Man as you will come in your pants at all the different new suits Tony Stark has been making, like my boyfriend did. And you will like it if you like superhero movies. And let your boyfriend force you to watch it. It is Robert Downey Jr after all πŸ˜‰

For the future, I am looking forward to enjoy some gobsmacking british dry and dusted humour in the Simon Pegg and Nick Frost flick (guess they are kind of their own genre of comedy now) “The World’s End”. The boyfriend wants to see Matt Damon in action with “Elysium” which I feel, from watching the trailer, is a pointless movie, but as it has an interesting director, I might let myself be dragged along. Until we have the cash to get to the cinema and watch these we might pirate some Dispicable pics or some Miller pics. I don’t know, we’ll see πŸ˜‰

Until next reviews πŸ˜€