A million girls would kill to be Anne Hathaway in this movie. Would you?

Regardless, there’s nothing like a good-old, evil boss movie for another lazy Sunday, when the next Monday is starting to loom over you.

Watch this quality chick-flick (yes I said quality) and enjoy that fact that no matter what, your boss is not as bad as Miranda Priestly

(or if he/she is, maybe you should quit?) 😉


Devil Wears Prada Poster

I’m sure there were puns galore in that creative tagline meeting

 ***SPOILERS*** (but you watch it for the characters so why do you care?)


What is this film?

“The Devil Wears Prada” (2006) is based on the smash-hit book of the same name written by Lauren Weisberger, who worked as an assistant at Vogue for a time under Anna Wintour (without there being any confirmation anywhere that the movie is inspired in anyway by that).

I don’t even know if you can call it a guilty pleasure when it was actually nominated for two Oscars. Both Meryl Streep and the costume designer were nominated.

The costume designer, Pat Field, is famous for doing the TV-series Sex and the City and she convinced a lot of fashion designers to lend clothes to the production. After all she only had a measly budget of $100,000, and in the end the wardrobe of this movie is reportedly $1,000,000 and the most expensive one in movie-history (I have not found this to be actual fact, but regardless it is one of the most expensive ones.).


Why do I want to watch it over and over again?

For someone who loves slacking around in my cosy pants  and a t-shirt all day, you really wouldn’t believe that I love this movie for the fashion. But partly I do.

The transformation of Anne Hathaway, from the idealistic writer to the fashionista is realistic and not over the top (Unlike Hathaways break through movie “Princess Diaries” where it all happens in one session at the hair dressers.).

I never tire of pernickety Meryl Streep with her penetrating stare pitted against wide-eyed, naive Andy Sachs (Hathaway). Maybe I see myself in Anne’s character, whose relationship to fashion is of a distant relative, and through her, I can imagine what I could look like if I started caring and prioritising clothes and shoes (and weight-loss) in my life.

The wonder never lasts longer than the 1 hour and 49 minutes of the movie, but it’s nice to live in fantasy world for a while 😉

There is also a bunch of famous fashion people in this movie (Heidi Klum and Valentino Garavani as themselves with Gisele Bündchen as a Runway employee) which takes it to another level of believability. There could’ve been more, but rumour says that people were afraid of the wrath of Anna Wintour (which is fitting).


Six outfits on Anne Hathaway as Andy in Devil Wears Prada

I want that green dress to the right… Desperately!


All the shit you have to do to get a career

I find that this movie holds fairly true to what kind of lengths people have to go through to make it in certain kind of sought after industries. The worst thing is that some people have to do this for free in an internship. If you work regular hours, you don’t get a job afterwards or you get fired.

At least Anne Hathaway has the strength to leave in the end. I don’t know if I would…

…until I hit the wall and became depressed and burned-out.


This movie is essentially scary

And I am not saying that because Meryl Streep is a scary boss. I would actually claim that she is a terrific boss for Runway and that her method is probably the only way to get any standing in that industry.

But it’s not Miranda Priestly that makes it shiver down my pine.

When we come to the end of the movie, Andy walks away from the glamorous world of fashion because it stole away her personal life. It seems to me like a leech, a lifestyle profession that demands you 24-7. And I have been there. It is not healthy in the long run.

But that is not what you remember when you walk out of the cinema (or close your laptop).

You remember the shoes, and that olive green dress that looked so good on Anne Hathaway, and the hair, and the glamour. And you want it. Suddenly you consider a career in fashion even though you have never touched a sowing machine before or thought twice about what to wear in the morning.

THAT is what is scary about this movie. Somehow fashion still won the day.

Miranda Priestly says it best herself:

Don’t be ridiculous Andrea. Everybody wants this. Everybody wants to be us


The genius supporting cast

This movie would be nothing without the snarky, bitchy, but still loveabley British Emily Blunt as Emily, the first assistant to Miranda Priestly. I believe this was the first movie where I noticed Emily Blunt (she mainly did TV prior to this film).

Without her disdain for Andy and everything she represents, without her diet of eating nothing until she’s about to faint then she eats a cube of cheese, without her rolling eyes and sniggers, this movie would be a whole lot less enjoyable.

I also couldn’t be without Stanley Tucci, the truthsaying, creative director Nigel, who gets stomped on by all the high-heeled women in his chosen career.

Nigel is essentially what Andy will become if she stays. A work-a-holic who will never elevate past Miranda because there will always be someone else (Miranda) to save.


What mood should you be in?

You should be in the mood for something light and fun.

Or you could watch this for inspiration on how to dress. I know this movie is SOOO 2006, but I am sure there is something in it you can revamp.

For a summary on the fashion tips you can learn from Devil wears Prada check out Stilettosaurus.


Further Watching

I really wanted to watch “Princess Diaries” (2001), the movie that Anne Hathaway has worked really hard to get away from her “Known For” section in ImDb. I would love to see the difference between Anne Hathaway then and now.

If you want to see more of fashion, I can recommend the documentary “The September Issue” (2009) where we follow Anna Wintour in the months leading up to the release of the most important issue of the year.

As well as “Coco Avant Chanel” (2009) where you can see how Coco Chanel (in the shape of Audrey Tautou) got her style and became the fashion icon she is today. It is actually an important movie to watch if you like strong women who did what they needed to do despite obstacles from a patriarchal society.

Or, if you don’t take fashion too seriously, grab “Zoolander” (2001) and practice your best Blue Steel pose 😀


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Meryl Streep stripping you down with her look

Meryl Streep stripping you down with her look


Ben Stiller with the Blue Steel look from Zoolander

Ben Stiller stripping you with his Blue Steel look


Who am I?

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Why do I think I can talk about movies?

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Where can you find the film?

If anyone knows a way to check different availabilities on different streaming services, let me know.

Norwegian Netflix doesn’t have this one (bad Netflix), but then again, a guilty pleasure should always be on your shelf, so get the devil now! 😉


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