So, I was requested to review some TV shows because this person just didn’t know what show to start watching next. I have watched quite a lot of series lately, the fault laying with the fact that I buy the HBO Nordic deal and my boyfriend buys the Netflix deal, so we are pretty much all set on TV series.

The reason we bought HBO in the first place was that it has Game of Thrones on it. Right away. On the release date. When they see it in US. So rather than waiting for the shitty download to appear free on the web (cause who the fuck waits for Norwegian TV to air it a year later), we are actually paying HBO. And we are happy to. So there. We just don’t want to wait when we don’t have to wait ๐Ÿ˜‰ And with Game of Thrones it is just not possible to wait.

I will not review Game of Thrones as it is genius and requires no low-life like myself to tell you why. If you haven’t already watched all the three seasons and are impatiently awaiting the next season, well, I judge you… So watch it!

I will do this review speed-review style, as I have loads of very different TV shows to go through. Basically all of the series I will recommend. I will just tell you why I liked it. Cause if I don’t like a TV series I only watch one episode (unless someone tells me that it gets better, then I might give it a second try) and really will be in no position to review it properly (although I can trash “Vikings” any day for historical booboo’s…but I won’t)

Anyway, hope that one of them tickles your fancy ๐Ÿ˜‰



TV show No.1: HOMELAND


2 Seasons, third coming out 29th of September 2013

Season 1 on Netflix (Norwegian version). Norwegian TV2 airs it, and has finished both seasons.

Can be gotten by other means (which goes for all series here). Contact me if you want tips ๐Ÿ˜‰

Homeland is a TV series recommended to me ages before I watched it. Among other things, I had heard that it was the best first episode ever. And it is a darn good first episode (although my personal favourite is Grey’s Anatomy’s first episode). You definitely will want to watch more if you watch the first episode. There is just no going around that. And that makes it easy because you don’t need to power through 3-4 episodes before you care. The excitement is there, right of the bat. It will grab you and hold you for at least a season and a half (we started drifting a bit in the middle of second season, but this could simply be fatigue after watching too many episodes in a row). It is a fast paced, thriller drama with loads of heart and humour as well as raising some serious issues. And the theme is very current (based on an Israel TV series with a similar plot, which delighted my boyfriend).

What is that? Stop giving me stupid words that don’t have any actual meaning and tell us what it is about?

No, I won’t.

I didn’t know what it was about and that was half the fun. The only thing I knew is that Clare Danes, who plays the female main character, has loads of issues which she portrays well. It is and she does. Now stand in the same shoes as I started in and get ready to be wowed. And do it before season 3 starts on september 29th and you will have instant access to more ๐Ÿ˜€



Guys and girls alike will love this show. There is shooting, there is family, there is surveillance, there is love, there are snipers, there are personal issues. It has got a lot going on, so fits anyone who is on for a fast paced political drama.



TV show No.2: GIRLS


2 Seasons, third season expected in 2014, no dates confirmed

Both season can be found on HBO Nordic. NRK 3 is airing it in Norway.

This was a series which was dubbed “Perfect for you”, by some people who recommended it to me. They know me too well. I thought this series looked really girly and I got the Gossip Girl vibe from the poster, and although I like Gossip Girl for some obscure reason, it didn’t make me want to start watching this one.

It’s nothing like it. Almost opposite.And I ended up having a boyfriend next to me through the entire show so it is definitely boyfriend friendly.

Firstly, if you don’t like embarrassing humour, you probably won’t like this one. It is cringeworthy how sadistically embarrassing some of these situations are. But it is hilarious. And original. What is refreshing about the series is that the self destructive, negative, but still somehow likeable heroine, is not your typical perfect starlet. She is just a girl. A girl with some issues, not so big as she makes them herself, but maybe that’s the issue. You might need a few episodes to get totally addicted as her persona (as I just described it) takes a little getting used to. Before you start to care. And I cared. I really like the main relationship that develops during season 1. But you can enjoy that yourself. And while you enjoy yourself you can think about the fact that the 26 year-old star of the show is also the writer AND the director. So there. Respect!



Anyone who finds a macabre joy for watching other people make utter fools of themselves, will delve into this with glee. Any girls should find someone to identify with, and it is nice to see other girls have the same problems you have yourself. Even the guys feel very real in a maybe slightly nerdy way. I would advice anyone to at least give it a shot. Watch the first 2 episodes. See if it makes you want to watch more ๐Ÿ˜‰





3 Seasons, and the forth season is starting on the 13th of October, 2013.

Season 1 can be found on both Netflix and HBO. TV Norge is airing the show in Norway.

I’ll admit it. I was sceptical at first. Horror movies aren’t my fortรฉ. So why should I like a horror TV series?

It is NOT a horror TV series.

What is interesting about Walking Dead, and what I mentioned earlier in a different review, is that it really made me think; “What would happen if our world changed as drastically as this?”. In the series, there is a virus that makes you fever up and that fever eventually kills you…until you wake up again a living dead, hungry for human flesh. It’s classic like that and I appreciate it. The zombies are slow, but when there are so many and they travel in huge packs, they become quite scary. If you’re bit, you are a zombie. Sooner or later. Simple.

It is the different kinds of people we meet in this series; the fathers, the mothers, brothers, randoms, lovers. All of them are such regular people, suddenly thrown into this situation where it’s life or death and living of scavenging ruins and whatever Mother Earth may give. It made me think. And it made me care. Some I care for more than others. But be careful. Loads of people get bit. All the time. There in lies the compelling need to see your favourite character survive for as long as possible. And I believe this is one of the few series where I appreciate some of the new characters in later seasons just as much as the original ones.



You have to enjoy quite a bit of thriller and action, because it will get dirty, but by no means is this your standard horror flick (if you want that, check out Netflix’ Hemlock Grove) and you have to enjoy drama, cause there is a lot of it. And a lot of difficult and awful decisions to make….if you want to survive that is ๐Ÿ˜‰





Only 1 season. This is a Netflix production so obviously only available on Netflix. Worth the fee alone though.

My boyfriend randomly turned on this series one Sunday where there was not much else to do and we don’t have standard TV so we had to choose something if we wanted to relax on the couch and not bore ourselves to death. And we were hooked. Firstly, this series is funny. I believe this is called a Dramady, cause it is centered around drama, but has not just moments, but constant attacks of comedy. The premise is delightfully simple, but instantly compelling. A white, proper looking blond girl is going to jail for possession of drugs. She has turned herself in to clear away her troubled past (where she was a party lesbian in fact). The fiancรฉe (male) is worried, but supportive and he is sure that they will last the year she will be behind bars. They both are.

Oh, that was so much easier to say than do, I believe.

You should watch this because of all the characters we meet behind bars, all their backstories and the reasons why they ended up in jail (because no one really talks about it, but we get to see it). You should watch it for the small, petty problems that become so big when you are locked inside almost constantly with loads of strangers. You should watch this because who knows what kind of people get locked up in a women’s prison…And who guards them…



Again, a series both me and my boyfriend devoured from episode one till finish in a matter of days, so definitely unisex although it is a female prison (but I think that just made it more hilarious to my boyfriend. There are male guards though, and we continue following the fiancรฉe outside the prison). Watch it if you feel like laughing and old episodes of Friends just isn’t cutting it anymore (who am I kidding, Friends still makes me laugh).




Now for the special sections. The guilty pleasures. The TV shows that I know are a little bad, or total dross, but for one reason or another, I keep remembering to go back to them every week when there is a new episode out. I can cringe at the acting and the simple story lines, or I simply know that without enjoying the niche cultural and/or sociological group of people this story is about, people will find it bad. But if you love it, you love it. These two series are both fairly girly, although the boyfriend has pained himself through some of the episodes. Be warned.


Guilty Pleasure No. 1: HIT THE FLOOR


One season only.

HBO Nordic released one episode each week recently and just finished releasing the whole season.ย Not aired anywhere in Norway as I can tell.

I watched this one with my cousin randomly when we were exploring series on HBO. It centers around a group of what I would call “adult” cheerleaders or professional cheerleaders (as opposed to “Bring it On” which is high school cheerleaders). They cheer (read: dance sexy and dirty in tight shorts and tops) for the Devils, a mock basketball team from L.A. The main character in this farce is just joining the auditions for new members when the show starts, although she is defying her mother who used to dance for the team, but for unsaid reasons quit unexpectedly. Now there are loads of cliches that will be brought forward as our heroine obviously dances like a goddess and makes it into the team. What wins me over (and I think my cousin) is the embodiment of evil that is the head cheerleader. The stuff she comes up with and the intricate schemes she sows to get everything the way she wants and her mission to stop our heroine (she obviously hates her for being so good) is both laughable and admirable.



People (girls) who love to see other girls bitch around, scheme and be evil to one another. And if you like to watch dancing you will also have a blast. There are some hefty showstoppers in that department. Be prepared for some bad acting though and some obvious plot lines (though some are good).



Guilty Pleasure No. 2: SMASH!


2 Seasons and none more coming as the show is cancelled.

TV 3 aired it in Norway. I have only watched this in You-Know-What-Ways, so I don’t know where to watch it. I have season 1 on DVD though if anyone would like to borrow ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now I will hear no bad words about this show. I know it got cancelled after two seasons, so it must be bad, but I loved it. A series about the people who try to get a musical about Marilyn Monroe to Broadway is just something I would and i did love. I love musicals. Thus I love this show. It stars two amazing female singers (Kathryn and Megan I believe are their real names) who battle it out solo singer style to become the infamous Marilyn on the big stage and become famous. There is original music and there is pop music redone by the cast. And the second season even introduces an additional new musical, along with the further development of Bombshell, the Marilyn Musical. And that was the plan, to introduce a new musical every season. And I would have loved it. But sadly too few Americans did. So I will have to settle myself with watching the two existing seasons on repeat and listen to the CD I bought in the car (there are many catchy and some downright great tunes in that show). Watch out for Angelica Houston as the odd-one-out producer of the musical and a British dude as the most hilarious director ever. But maybe I only think it funny, interesting and dramatic because I have been part of a theatre production, and it’s similar to film production… You tell me ๐Ÿ˜‰



People who love musical theatre. I have serious doubts that you will love it if you don’t like people spontaneously breaking into song, whether it be actual singing or singing inside their heads. There is both. Give it up till four episodes before you give up. I gave up the first time but was rewarded when I was convinced to try it again because someone told me it got better. You will think you know where this is going and find it boring at one point. But it won’t go there. I promise ๐Ÿ˜‰



So that’s that. Six shows that should keep you occupied all through the cold harsh winter (or if you live somewhere nice and warm where there are no winters; I hate you, go away).

If none of these seem like a good deal to you, OR you powered through all of them and have no more to watch: go for Bones or Castle. Simple, funny, enjoyable crime series with about 24 episodes per season and multiple seasons. You will never finish ๐Ÿ˜‰


Until next review (almost redundant that) ๐Ÿ˜‰